Sunday, August 21, 2022

The Universal Skill Among Species


The lowest common denominator, a behavioural trait observed in many species.

"Intimidation." Observed in many mammals, the leader of the herd. Survival of the fittest? Not necessarily, the individual with the healthiest biological indicators, however not of the physical size and strength, is unlikely to be the successor through intimidation, to be the leader. In the natural world, this is "populism". As Charles Darwin observed, the survival of the fittest, future generations carry the genetic traits of both physical strength and abilities for intimidation. Social control.

As history shows us, careers, professions, have enabled many of our species to have multiple generations of comfort. This past century has showed the greatest amount of change, perhaps in all of human history. Therefore, careers and professions spanning multiple generations have become obsolete. No longer could a person aspire to be a sail maker, highly honed their skill, and pass their business on to their children. Harness and saddles were another highly developed and respected career. The career or profession which spanned multiple generations in the past has been replaced. Replaced by the need for multiple career changes. The decision to engage in higher education, possibly for a career that is obsolete before the higher learning is completed. The new career may endure a decade or two.

From this current point of view, a few observations. The first observation is that a highly developed personal skill of "intimidation". It is universally transferable throughout our species. Individuals with a highly tuned understanding, achieving a hold positions socially and economically and receive higher renumeration. In today's world, these people are sought after by multinational corporations specifically for these attributes, which result in corporate expansion, higher share value, higher dividends to shareholders.

The second observation, it's the same as the first except for one subtle difference. Today's highly successful global economy results from "The Three-Legged Stool". Colonialism, capitalism and Christianity. All three legs of this stool require high intimidation. So what is the one observable foundation of colonialism which has attained the highest sophistication? "Christianity", the single component of colonialism, which is the cohesion, the glue, of the entire social, geopolitical undertaking. Many centuries have developed psychological skills among clergy that keep social hierarchy. Clergy, as a career choice, becomes a career with the least probability of obsolescence. Over the centuries, clergy manage populism, coerce their followers by whatever means necessary. For colonialism is simply the spread of ideology managed by clergy, through acts of war and missionary outreach. There are only two paths, assimilation or genocide. Today we deal with, and expose, inaccurate historical records, hereditary scars. Current global efforts are for universal solidarity, fairness, of all members of our species. For example; there are no genetic or biological barriers to the indigenous individual from New Zealand, becoming our next “Einstein”.

Over the past centuries, there is a common thread among Western European societies. The common thread, highly refined by the Greeks and the Romans. "The Games". During our current era of "games", athletes have become the most highly paid of our culture. Charisma and intimidation, "the enforcer", a common denominator of today's team sports. It is common for us to observe sporting events nationally and internationally syndicated, where team players exhibit ritual to display their pride and solidarity to their religious affiliation. However, a social change is taking place. "Toxic behaviour", "toxic masculinity" are being revealed throughout the media to be the "predators". The previously unspoken boundaries and hereditary foundations of power are being exposed. Highly achieved careers are being shattered, chains of toxic predatory power revealed in the media, by victims observing other victims coming forward. A wave of unacceptable behaviour becoming clearly visible across many societies. "The old boys’ network", "the way we do things around here". The most obvious common thread throughout, the involvement of clergy. The de facto management organization of power and authority. "Everything happens for a reason." Perhaps in the "fake it before you make it" realm of social behaviour, clergy are the most highly refined social structure. The highly refined social structure for the hereditary dissemination of toxic behaviour and narcissism. Toxic behaviour and narcissism are close cousins, one cannot exist without the other. Colonialism and capitalism cannot exist unless society condones and perpetuates these behaviours.

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