Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Perfection and Procrastination


And so, "perfection" has finally brought me to a point where I am sitting this morning. First coffee done, fist done, and set up my laptop to begin. Am I too late? Too late for what? Good morning, people! And so it is you stumbled across this page. We all expected to see better, 20:20 in 2020. It doesn't appear that turned out as planned. Where do we go from here? The more I observe, the more I understand. The more I come to know my conclusion is I do not know. I guess we'll just all make it up as we go along. One day at a time! As you can see by the creation date of this post. It is October 21, 2020. We are well into a new season, this morning's temperature is only +8°C. Today begins my second morning with my kerosene heater. The season has changed and by the end of this week. The temperatures will be near freezing. With the seasonal change. I've cleaned out items that I have seldom used, and put them in my storage locker. And so begins my sixth year of "Van-life". Learning and growing and refining what is around me. "Perfectionism", aha there it is! The creation of this page, and the registration of the corresponding domain name. Aha, there is the "procrastination". Overthinking and rethinking and rethinking again because I might have missed something. Not bothering to put thoughts in place, why? Because tomorrow or the day after, those thoughts will be out of date, anyway. Sounds like a good excuse! "Are we there yet?" Am I too late?

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