Saturday, January 7, 2023

Our Species Cognitive Blind Spot


As a species, we have a blind spot.

Throughout the history of our species, we continue to observe that there has developed a careful process and procedure of agricultural methods. Development of better or hybrid plant or animal species for more successful agricultural pursuits. Careful and detailed records of intergenerational data. The development of higher education disciplines specifically for pursuing more sophisticated data collection, and therefore shaping future goals species modification.

The blind spot I describe is that despite process and procedure, we abdicate the application to our own species. Instead, we throw caution to the wind, and allow social, ethnic and cultural hereditary biases to be the selective process of precipitating outcomes and circumstances. These outcomes and circumstances become the attributes or deficits to be carried forward in all future generations.

Why don't we do better, when we already know better, and could do so?

Perhaps our species could be described somewhat as "species of jellyfish with extreme emotion and acute anxiety." Agricultural practices have already firmly established that, without the insertion of new genetic material into an agricultural practice, yield will decline. Planting the same seed year after year is simply inbreeding. Yields are reduced and susceptibility to disease and pests. This branch continues a path of genetic decline, probably ending in extinction. Agriculture has established standard practices with which to eliminate this, no one outcome. For the planting of crops, new seed is regularly purchased in order to maintain yield expectations. The same concept applies to livestock. It is further applied to sophisticated breeding practices for designer pets or support animals. Great care is taken to develop the canine species to be more efficient in law enforcement and the security industry, whether private or state run border control agencies.

Are there any plausible conclusions?

Reflecting over the past five centuries, ethnic groups established new beginnings on other continents. The most dominant example would be the North American continent. The establishment of geographical areas, each having the ethnic and cultural majority from their past.

Taking a snapshot from our current time, a democratic majority of populism, then stepping back to examine how this came to be.

Beyond doubt, we know from centuries of agricultural practices that genetic diversity is beneficial. General attributes can be maintained, both physical and mental, for sustainability. Therefore, reflect over the past 50 years. Perhaps a starting point at the end of the second world war. From that point to now, we have general economic prosperity and growth. What are the factors which precipitated this? The North American free enterprise system engaged in unprecedented growth in manufacturing. The supplier of consumer goods on a global scale filling the void created by the defeated countries during the war. Perhaps a smugness, and entitlement and social pride of being on the right side of history, because we won the war. Thus began ideological movements, the Christian evangelical movement by such people as Billy Graham. Throughout North America, agricultural communities openly and fully embraced the travelling roadshow. Social inward examinations within communities, the involvement of ethnic purities, perceived certainty of white supremacy. The early beginnings of white Christian white supremacist organizations. The establishment of ethnic discrimination processes of immigration.

If we compare agricultural practices to our own social practices, it becomes apparent there is a denial of future generational consequences of our social behaviors. When we do not plan for a sustainable future, we are on the default path of gradual decline. Future generations are of depreciated attributes by our current populism to take responsibility and action. Only in some narrow fields, hereditary diseases are screened for and procedure is in place to deal with next-generation disabilities. In the general population, we have arrived at a place when academic standing, general cognitive ability, as acceptable as long as the individual is perceived fit into their social community. It's the consensus that we are encouraged to "find our tribe". Therefore, drift through life searching for a place to belong. Those on the margins appear to be susceptible to self-medication by readily available legal products. We therefore have those on the margins of the general population engaging in behaviours which cause a further decline in their natural inherited abilities. The natural inherited abilities which precipitated them being on the margins of society. We now find ourselves amid a pandemic of people on the margins of society, barely maintaining a daily existence, and feared by the established majority.

Just what is the established majority? It varies by the geographical location of ethnic and cultural beginnings. Is there a common thread? Perhaps there is. In these geographical pockets, there is a cognitive decline. A cognitive decline to be expected, but denied. A gradual decline because of the lack of genetic diversity. During the past century, this gradual decline has gone unnoticed. Labour requirements were met based on the cognitive abilities of the general population. Unemployment diminished, population increased, wealth and power established its foundations. Foundations? Foundations based on the previous 50 years, "everything happens for a reason". Widely accepted social movements, internal validations in social groups. Five decades for the spread of Christian white supremacy, its self validation. Further elevated by the events of the Cold War. The dominance of ideology firmly establishing the North American continent to be at "theocracy", though the term theocracy is denied and asserted to be "freedom". Just like the Salem witch trials, to be identified as an individual, thinking outside of this populism, has dire consequences. As long as the academic normal in the general population is that you can read and write, be accepted by your peers, you are safe to belong. If as an individual you are an incapable of doing your own tax returns, for example, you're still an acceptable community member, because there will always be someone that will do it for you, for a fee. Therefore, in a broad sense, individuals that can be part of the economic process of the populism group are kept. Those that become a burden to the populist society are pushed to the fringes. Thus, in some extremes geographically, we have now established many theologically based retirement gated communities. Can we change the direction of this current circumstance? Those that live in the theologically based retirement gated communities will never accept change outside of their own life experiences. There is no so-called "reeducation". Those that are on the outside of society, outside of the gated communities, are in continued cognitive decline resulting from self-medication and substance abuse.

Is there a solution?

There appears to be no immediate solution. You cannot rehabilitate or retrain those that are on the margins. Cognitive impairment because of decades of survival existence is highly unlikely to be reversed. Even if change can be induced, to what end? Changes in producing goods and services have always been on the path of eliminating labour. With artificial intelligence and robotics, even those that can be rehabilitated and salvaged from the margins of society will have few places to establish a productive and meaningful future.

The extremes in the theological gated retirement communities will simply pass into the history books, with little or no consequence to the future, other than their participation in the democratic process at the ballot box. End life circumstances will gradually remove them from influential participation.

Unless we study the past, we are at risk of repeating it.

Therefore, through careful examination of this past century, it should become apparent that institutions and government must be separated from ideology. A common ground, universal application of knowledge and truths, for all of those in society. The contributing disruptor is "theology". There is an underlying flaw in social general practice. An elephant in the room. As long as we continue to allow theological freedom in families and communities, we will most times simply be repeating the past. Why? Because when the cultural and social norm is to pass on the hereditary teachings begins at the earliest probable age, future generations are already biased to their cultural and ethnic roots. Take, for example, a child less than one-year-old, inheriting cognitive ability, 50% inherited, the other 50% to be developed as the grow. If perhaps the general 50% inherited cognitive ability is only 25% of the general population, and they are brought up in an ideological family environment, they are already at a disadvantage to be a high achiever. The outcome is that they will fit in to their social environment, perhaps achieve a Grade 8 education, and be part of the labour force. Because of the limited abilities of cognitive ability, the application of logic and reason, of which they did not inherit, they will probably be the staunch supporters of the ideology of their community. The most suitable for taking responsible leadership roles in their theological biased environment. Active taking part in taxpaying members, living a productive life, however continuing the hereditary gradual downward path of the geopolitical society that it is part of. Perhaps an individual such as described would be the leader in the Washington January 6 insurrection, or the Canadian freedom 2022 Rally in Ottawa. We have cultivated and created our bed. Short-term planning, when the next election, whether it be at a local civic, or on the international stage, is the process of our time. As a species, we are becoming more and more incapable of planning for a sustainable future for the greater good of all members of our species.

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