Friday, March 8, 2024

Let's go down a rabbit hole together.

 Have you heard the phrase, "you're too smart for your own good"?

Let's go down a rabbit hole together. Keep in the back of your mind, "Plato's allegory of the cave", social groups and societies maintain a cohesion and a hierarchy. Put that aside for now.

Is life one big poker game? "Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em." A Western way of life, perhaps composed of a subculture of narcissism.

Let's take an artist, for example. You have some raw talent, and you enjoy what you do. Input from those around you encourages you. Perfect! Yes, perfect to be shaped and groomed. Search for materials, and develop your own path of learning. But there's another option, a life coach or a manager. Yes, just look at all the high-profile artists from decades past. They had a manager. Many of the rows to fame in financial security, to burn out fast. Still others rose to that high level and passed away penniless. Yes, well, so what! That's just the way it is.

Back to my first opening statement, "you're too smart for your own good". The goal of people undertaking a career is to maintain a revenue stream. When management and life coaching becomes a career, it's all about the revenue stream. Back to my opening statement! So you've done a few interviews. You're looking for someone to take you further, perhaps more quickly than you could on your own. But for some, why can't it happen? Maybe it's very simple. The individual looking for the revenue stream evaluates you. Are you a candidate for long-term development? Are you the personality that will follow direction and a blueprint to reach your goals? If after a few interviews, you may conclude, “maybe I’m too smart for my own good.” Individually you have compassion, direction, enthusiasm and perhaps already achieved a high level as a self-made artist. Perfect! There is your answer! You don't need a coach or a manager. You've already done on your own that which seeking a manager will do for you. To the person evaluating you as a potential candidate, they already realize that you are independent, that independence is your barrier. So what do you do about it? There are many options, but perhaps the best long-term option. If you encounter a barrier, the best approach is to go around it. It's a longer path. It may not lead to a place of which you imagined, but a few things to consider. It will take you longer, yes. You will maintain independence based on your goals as opposed to someone else's revenue stream objectives. You keep management of your time, therefore avoid induced stress because of time schedules beyond your control. The greatest benefit of self-development, as opposed to being managed, is the reduced stress. Management of stress leads to many behaviours which collectively contribute to an overall reduced biological wellness. It's a comparison. Compare this path to the managed high-profile entertainer who achieved high levels only to burn out and fall out of the public spotlight. Is the goal to be a global celebrity, succumb to addictions and shorter longevity lifestyles? Individuals in this category often struggle with poor mental health and attract parasitic individuals into their personal networks. After all, most of the surrounding people rely on you to be part of their revenue stream. To reflect on this circumstance, the individual finds themselves trapped.

What can you take away from this understanding? Your independence can allow for you to self manage, make strategic changes quickly. Is there a negative to your independence? Yes! Your independence, your achievements, are all attributes which the general population, "Plato's allegory of the cave" will subconsciously and methodically destroy. It reminds me of something someone said to me more than a decade ago. He knew my abilities and my general knowledge throughout a decade of interactions. What sticks in my mind, which he said, "Howard, you're going to put everyone out of work." There you have it! "Plato's allegory of the cave." Societies and cultures maintained their conformity. They coexist in their bubble, they rely on others in their community, revenue streams. Independence shows to a few in a community that they can also be independent. To become a role model by even a few is detrimental to the cohesion of the group. Narcissistic personalities engage primarily in "character assassination" of those they perceive as uncontrollable. Perhaps described as a "herd mentality" which maintains the hierarchy in many other species. From a biological perspective, it assures that the strongest and most dominant within the group continues their genetics into the future generations. Because of that cognitive abilities of our species, individuality is possible. Perhaps we could describe this in our species as follows. Most of our population is of lesser cognitive ability than the few at the top. Recent events of populism in our cultures may best describe this. Those of lesser cognitive ability makeup the majority, and therefore through democratic process, can keep their desires. There is a phrase which describes this behaviour. "Be careful. There who can't be captain of your ship, will sink it".

That’s it, that’s this mornings “rabbit-hole”… 

Thank you for reading!


Let's go down a rabbit hole together.

 Have you heard the phrase, "you're too smart for your own good"? Let's go down a rabbit hole together. Keep in the back o...