Tuesday, August 2, 2022

In The Abscence of Nurture

Photo by Rebecca Campbell on Unsplash

Throughout the natural world we observe offspring being nurtured by parents, or the social community. In many species, this perpetuates the learned survival skills. Observe a subtle difference between parental nurturing, and establishment of conformity.

Nurturing will establish survival skills relevant to the surroundings. Conformity will establish behaviour that is peer acceptable. There is little or no acceptable deviation from conformity, because of individual experience and understanding. It is social group solidarity. For the individual to engage in behaviour outside the social conformity will cause negative consequences, regardless of the positive outcome from the deviation. "Self reliance" is discouraged, and chastised to maintain the authority of the group. It's as though, training a puppy, with a rolled up newspaper. Community pecking order establishes the authoritarian leader. Predominantly an alpha personality, maintains their rise to power, through intimidation. Logic and reason are the enemies of authoritarianism. Common western law is based on individuals judged by their peers. This is contradictory to most group dynamics. whereas, beta, as well as alpha personality types, elevate the most intimidating alpha to the position of leader. 

 When nurturing and inquisitive nature are discouraged and chastised, then directed with conformity, the natural development is truncated, and emotional scaring begins. It usually last for a lifetime. With insufficient knowledge and experience, an alternative path of understanding is unlikely. Therefore, toxic behaviour is intergenerational. It is sustained by dominant alpha ego. During the early developmental years; “the world is your oyster, be all that you can be”, then later, endless societal systematic intimidation to conform.

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