Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Highway of Life

We are all flying down the highway of life! Let's take your imagination on a little side trip. Every Highway has a centreline. This Highway has a side lane, the cargo lane, perhaps called the express lane. What? Yes this on the highway of life, is logic and reason. The main lane that most people are on, the lane most travelled is the one closest to the centreline. Let's call this lane, the path travelled in the first person. Let's call the express or cargo lane the lane travelled in the third person. How do these two lanes differ? Travelling in the most common lane closest to the centreline, the lane in the first person. It is the path guided by emotion. The express lane, is you in the third person. Continuous cycles of making calculated decisions and risk assessments. Everything depends on logic and reason. For the record, the express lane does not allow cognitive impediment. For obvious reasons in the express lane you would not be driving under the influence. Simple third person risk assessment would default that it would not be possible. To be emotional is to be impared.

Now along this highway there are rest stops. In these rest stops are places where people take a break and entertain themselves. These rest stops, let's call them arcades, are entertainment complexes to expound upon your emotions. Let's say for example, they contain many complex pinball machines. Imagine yourself dropping into a rest stop, deciding to let your emotions wild. You find yourself in the pinball machine with your emotions running wild, you may run many cycles. You may run your entire lifetime and this pinball machine, because there is no way out. All these emotional roller coasters take their toll on your life expectancy.

What about those that are in the express lane? They are travelling down there highway of life, and seldom pulled into a rest stop. Many oblivious to the existence of the rest stops and the pinball arcades that exist there.

Stay tuned as we continue down this rabbit hole. I am sure there is much more to come!!
...being in my "moment". After two emotional days, time to get back into the 3rd person state of mind. Leave emotion behind, It might be creative, but it is also destructive and pointless! Lesson learned, "stop" in depth enteraction with others. The default human condition is 1st person - emotion driven.

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