Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Deeply "rooted" faith conviction

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Deeply "rooted" faith conviction in communities and families can not be "reasoned with"...
It is an emotional position, no amount of fact or logic permitted. They are easily triggered to a temper tantrum...
AS a senior exhibited at a church breakfast I attended some years ago.... The senior assistant facilitator of the event was almost in tears..... Blurted out.... "Why do you hate Jesus so much?"
History recorded by neighbouring peoples has no record of such an extraordinary person. Thus, it is beyond a reasonable doubt, that the "icon" of faith is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. As the centuries pass by the story is re-interpreted and embellished. More "possibilities" added to the interpretations. Then considered FACT by the faithful.
This view was obvious by a co-worker from 20 years ago. He described biblical content as "inherent truth". He insisted that his view nullified all current knowledge. His summation: "Everything happens for a reason." Thus I conclude adding the word "inherent" in front of the word "truth" trumps all other points of view. "They" have "laid down" their biblical law..
It's "Christianity" over the centuries: conversion | assimilation | genocide

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