Saturday, February 8, 2020

What ancient people knew.

I wrote this 8 years ago:
Our planet, 365 rotations of day/night in the annual orbit around the sun. The tilt relative to the sun during the orbit causes the seasons.
Ancient peoples studied the night sky and their measurement of time was the wheel of the Zodiak
12 houses of the Zodiak - symbols for each of the 12 from positions of objects in the night sky that as groups of objects.
Acient peoples knew that after the 12 time periods were cycled through, the view of the night sky came back to a recognizable starting point.
365 days = one earth orbit around the sun = 1 earth year
2,065 earth years = one Zodiak 'house' time period
12 house time periods = 1 great year (Eon, old testament)
Every approx 26,000 years our night sky shows that the travel of our planet, solar system, and galaxy comes back to the same physical place in space.
The ancient peoples knew this.
Every year in August our planet passes through an asteroid belt - shooting stars in the night sky.
A large crater in the Gulf of Mexico, viewed from space, shows the evidence of a collision sometime in the earths past.
Therefore, at some time in any one, or more, of the 12 'house' time periods, (2,056 years each), our solar system orbit passes the earth, in it's annual orbit,  through an asteroid belt of larger objects.
Or, at least once in the 26,000 'great year' (Eon), our planet does so.  There are impact craters in Siberia of smaller objects that have at some time in the earth past penetrated our atmosphere.
Therefore, at some time in either one, or more, of the 2,056 years solar system orbits, or at sometime in the 26,000 galaxy orbit our planet comes in close proximity with other advanced life forms existing on other planet(s), and our earth is 'visited'.  This is shown by the etchings on ancient objects that from todays prespective and knowledge we would acknowledge as 'flying' machines.  Throughout time man has recorded these visits.  They recorded them to the best of their ability with the knowledge of their time.  They didn't know any better, or have an explanation for the events.  From their primative understanding they 'whorshiped' the advanced civilization(s) visitors. Just as the first nations peoples of North America whorshiped the European visitors at the beginning of colonialization of this the North Amercian continent.
Time to 'think' people, we have never been alone, we have been visited many times.  The possiblility is that we have been around the 26,000 year orbit (cycle) approximately 3.5 million times.
At some time in this ancient past of this planet we came to be here. Perhaps stranded from a 'visitation', or colonized from an advanced civilization, in an ancient time and we have survived to be here and now today.
The measurement of the positions of the stars, and planets, and the ability to track and simulate, with computer models today, makes the puzzle man has struggled with for thousands of years, an almost a child's play puzzle to solve.  Because we now have the knowledge and the tools to demonstrate/simulate the movement of objects in our night sky.  This is what, at some time in our past, the ancient peoples already knew - we lost the knowledge through the generations of 'survival' on this planet.
.....enjoy, /howard

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