Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Our Inheritance

This morning I made a Facebook post.

It is as follows:

Looking for feedback of my early morning conclusion:
Two male children.
The firstborn inherits the dominant behavioral characteristics from the father. The second born inherits the dominant behavioral characteristics from the grandfather on the mother's side.

Personal observations reflecting over 50 years would lead me to the conclusion that this is the general rule of genetics.

Soon afterwards I ever received this response:

Genetics are predominant and account for about 85% of our physical and psychological characteristics. People are reluctant to accept this and are always trying to manufacture or buy advantages for their kids. Bad news (such as the 50% chance of becoming an alcoholic, if either of your parents were) is just ignored rather than faced up to! 

With a high school education and only my personal life experiences to reflect upon, I often reach out for an opinion.  It can quite often lead to an aha moment! Are We There Yet?  No!  There is no destination that we refer to as “there”. What we experience is the here and now, the being in the moment, the steps along the journey.

Previously, I have discussed our human condition, that is, the development of our mind.  Modern psychology and biology has determined that it is complete, approximately at age 30.  Of course, we all know that you can learn something beyond the age of 30.  It would be silly to make an assumption otherwise.  With this in mind, I would like to present the following analogy.

Let’s take a quiet afternoon drive through the mountains on a beautiful sunny day.  Picture the surrounding landscape.  Picture one of these mountain slopes and equate it to your life.  That slope of the mountain represents gradual erosion.  In this quiet secluded valley, the slope that represents you, and the slopes of the mountains around you have many similarities.  Everything is beautiful.  Everything is in harmony.

Now I present to you a curveball, on the mountain slope that is “you”, or may be, perhaps the slope that represents someone in your social network.

It It was collectively decided that for the future advancement and benefit of our valley, we will log these mountain slopes.  Prosperity and growth will follow.  We will have jobs and economic development.  It doesn’t matter which slope we log on.  Perhaps this began on a slope near you, maybe on your own slope, over a century ago.

Within the first two decades of this initiative.  Economic activity is robust, and everybody is on a winning team.  The common thought of the community is that “divine providence” has smiled upon us.  Everyone agrees, life is perfect.

Move forward two centuries.  We see the results of the practice of clear-cutting over decades past.  Our community is at risk, the mountain slope is unstable.  Seasonal runoff saturates the ground, and a landslide could happen.

During those first two decades of logging, clear-cutting became the practice.  Everyone agrees.  Just as with the development of your early preteen years, logic and reason predetermined by the Democratic majority of the community establishes educational practices.  All children must recite the Lord’s prayer at the beginning of each school day.  We strongly encourage all families to join a local faith community and follow what has become “standard practice” of their group.

This example of “standard practice” is the process of indoctrination of young minds, pre-adolescence.  They have firmly established geographical community conformity.  There are no exceptions.

Two centuries later, after the practice of clear-cutting, it is self-evident regardless of the attempts at tree-planting, reforestation to the original slope can never be established.

Throughout the history of our human existence, it has become apparent that many of the attributes of society are inherited.  They are rituals and cultural practices  handed down.  There is one other interesting aspect to this hereditary situation.  That is this.  We pass the stress and hardship of individuals on through genetics; it mutates the offspring to establish future survival.  We have documented this with respect to indigenous people, and indigenous schools, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the residential school survivors carry the genetic scars of life which they themselves never experienced.

Another interesting aspect of our species, and our lives, is that once at problem is identified within our behavioral context, it takes approximately five generations for the genetic mutation to be eliminated.  This then requires that for the next five generations.  We must acknowledge the past on knowledge and a conscious effort made to take corrective action. When we consider the social cohesion of our surrounding communities, it is highly unlikely that any family would continue for five generations to achieve a goal. Therefore, when I received a response that 85% of an individual is inherited, I arrive at another conclusion.  Family lineage is incapable of accomplishing a greater good for their future.  It is therefore only community-based initiatives with long-term goals that could achieve such an end.  This brings the forefront another dilemma.  Community initiatives are driven by democratic process.  To a high huge degree, the democratic process is driven by the populism of the moment.  Populism is self-serving to those in power and authority.

To understand the preceding cascading circumstance, it is highly unlikely that goals can be achieved for the greater good of our species.  Everything that is politically driven, has selfish goals, greed, and economic prosperity as the only endgame in town. Our species is inherently crippled both intellectually and genetically to achieve long-term goals.

Perhaps there is a positive outcome.  We are perhaps into our second decade of artificial intelligence, determining individual credit score.  Big Brother is deciding.  Whether you qualify for a loan.  For the first time in human history, your community, social status is not the contributing factor regarding qualifying for a loan. If we can extrapolate this into our future and use artificial intelligence to establish common goals and boundaries regarding communities’ greater good, we can set in place long-term goals.  For the first time our species will be free of theological determination, and “divine providence” guiding our future.  The establishment of broad databases of social, economic, biological, just to mention a few, criteria can provide the future boundaries.

Big brother needs to take the wheel.  The United Nations’ declaration of human rights, being a starting point for artificial intelligence decisions.  I would conceive that only be on geopolitical boundaries, for the greater good of all members of our species, can we manage our ecological conditions and circumstance.

Our own individual circumstance, our inherited characteristics from parents, and grandparents, even if recognized, have little effect on the navigation that is required.  The short temper and intellectual ability of a family member being inherited cannot be corrected.  Just as the clear-cutting of the mountain slope cannot be corrected two centuries later.  We have many mountain slopes as analogies within our Western world.  This past four years has been self-evident that genetic behaviors to have elected a president that is so disruptive, we must find a better way.  Further to this, it becomes more self-evident that since World War II, our community educational systems have failed us.  That such a presidency has occurred, is a failure on the education of the general population.

And thus, in December 2020, the prospect of new initiatives for 2021, new directions and goals have possibilities.

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